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The Prestigious Legacy of Phenix Carpets

Phenix Microban protected carpets, emanating from the very heart of the carpet industry, stand as proud testimonials of superior craftsmanship. Through a continuous commitment to quality and an innovative approach, these carpets have carved out a remarkable reputation in the carpet manufacturing business.

Trailblazing Standards in Quality and Functionality

Carpets protected with Microban® technology are created in expansive manufacturing and distribution facilities, armed with cutting-edge technology. This guarantees an ability to uphold quality throughout the production pipeline. All carpet designs are crafted in-house, which not only ensures a streamlined quality control process but also promotes uniform production. With a unique flair for originality, innovative construction, and distinctive color treatment, carpets protected with Microban® technology stand as timeless pieces of art, embodying enduring elegance.

Phenix Microban Protection – A Haven of Comfort

Carpets integrated with Microban offer myriad benefits for those seeking a comforting and hygiene-conscious flooring solution. These carpets, made from SureSoftSD solution-dyed polyester fibers, are exceptionally soft and offer excellent stain and soil resistance, making them easy to clean and maintain. Their fade-resistant feature ensures that these carpets won’t fade under the sun.

Phenix Carpet

Designed to help safeguard

This technology, proven to be safe and effective, is widely used in a range of household products, medical equipment, and military gear, earning Phenix Carpet the status of being the most recognized brand of antimicrobial in the industry.

Phenix Carpet

Beyond product excellence, these Microban-protected carpets have gained recognition for the value they bring to the community. They not only have a significant place in the industry’s history but also actively contribute to better living standards, cementing their belief that the past is not just about accomplishments, but also a sturdy foundation for future growth. Contact Beach Builder Supply today!