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Check out this window, patio door, & hardware installation project our team worked on in San Diego, CA.

Kitchen Cabinetry Transformation

We installed elegant, modern, black hardware on the home’s kitchen cabinetry, giving it a sleek and contemporary look. The black hardware contrasts beautifully with the light-colored cabinets, adding a touch of sophistication and style. This simple yet impactful upgrade has transformed the kitchen into a more visually appealing and functional space.

Bold Door Knobs

In addition to the kitchen cabinetry, we installed bold, black door knobs on all the home’s doors. These striking door knobs pop against the white doors and walls, creating a dramatic and modern aesthetic. The choice of black hardware throughout the home ties together the overall design, making each room feel cohesive and stylish.

Black Windows and Patio Door

We also installed black windows and a black sliding patio door, enhancing the home’s exterior and interior appeal. The black frames of the windows and patio door provide a sharp, clean look that complements the home’s overall design theme. These installations not only improve the home’s appearance but also contribute to its energy efficiency and functionality.

Quality Products & Workmanship

At Beach Builders Supply, we prioritize quality products and workmanship. Every aspect of this project, from the selection of materials to the precision of the installations, reflects our commitment to excellence. Our team takes pride in delivering superior results that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. This project in San Diego is a testament to our dedication to enhancing homes with high-quality, stylish upgrades. Contact us today by calling (949) 201-5757 or clicking here.